FAQs Bills Mobile Hitch and Towbar Installation

What Is A Hitch?
The trailer hitch is a vital part of the towing process. It’s what connects your vehicle with any trailers, and it provides an attachment point for connecting them too!
Can Small Cars Have Trailer Hitches? What About Electric Vehicles And Hybrids?
Yes – most compact and medium size vehicles can accommodate a hitch
Can You Fit A Hitch To Any Car, Truck Or Suv?
No, 90% of vehicles can have a hitch installed. Call us to find out if a hitch can be installed on your vehicle
What Is A Tow Bar?
A Tow Bar Its used to tow a vehicle behind another vehicle. For example an RV towing the family car behind it for vacation. Or a pick up truck towing a compact car from one state to another.
What Can You Tow With A Tow Bar?
Any car, truck or SUV can be fitted with a Tow Bar. Type of Tow Bar varies depending on the weight of the vehicle we are completing the installation on.
What Happens If The Tow Ball Obstructs My License Plate?

We make sure that it does not obstruct the view of the license plate

Will A hitch Affect Parking Sensors?
No, it will sometimes affect the liftgate sensor.
What Is The Difference Between A Gooseneck & A Fifth Wheel?
A gooseneck hitch is flush with the truck bed and the rest of the components are mounted underneath the truck.. A fifth wheel hitch is installed in the truck bed thus, taking up cargo space in the bed of the truck.
What Are The Primary Advantages Of A Gooseneck Hitch?
Does not take up space in the bed of the vehicle
How Long Does The Installation Process Take?
The entire process typically takes 4 hours.
Do The Hitches And Towbars Come With A Warranty?
All Tow Bars, Hitches, Base Plates, and Brake Controllers come with a manufacturers limited warranty
Do I Have To Bring My Vehicle In For The Installation?
No, We will come to your location and complete all installation services.